diuretics, tightening, and prep H

  1. diuretics, tightening, and prep H

    Good Day,

    I am with in range of competing. I still have alot of water around my lower back and lower stomach. Probably fat too! Now I really want to know what to use to get all the water flushed out and lose that lower gut and back fat. What are the dudes using to totallt tighten the skin and get it looking paper thin before contests.
    I heard a wild one, that preparation H is generously applied to the abs and it will tighten and take out excess water. Need some serious advice fellas.

  2. Use dandelion root and Prep H helps pull water also but these are just temporary solutions. Also, if you have just completed a cycle, water retention will drop off.

  3. You could try a topical gel like absolved or lipoderm ultra if you believe the spot reduction theory.

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