shelf life???

  1. shelf life???

    I bought M1T from Kilosports and responded pretty well to it like most other people...even though it made me very lathargic. My question is after opening the bottle of M1T, how long does the pills left over last? How long have you guys waited to use the pills after the initial opening of the bottle?

  2. The stuff has only been out a few months, so you won't find any that's sat long enough to lose any effectiveness. I am taking kilo's M1t now from a bottle that I opened about 5 months ago. Gains are equal or better. The stuff should be good for 2 years, then gradually lose a little potency. I dont think opening it matters, its not vaccum sealed. You can try freezing it, that may prolong it.

  3. Some tabs dont react well to freezing and thawing. Ive heard of some guys having the tabs swell and break from freezing and thawing.


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