another first time loser

  1. another first time loser

    long time dweller, first time.
    Looking to crack a strength plateau, not concerned about size. Pretty sure this is cool from everything i've researched over a good bit of time, but want to make sure nobody blows me up. First experiance with ds.

    week 1- ramp to 30
    week 2- 30
    week 3- 40
    week 4- reversitol 3x
    week 5- reversitol 2x
    week 6- reversitol 2x
    week 7- reversitol 1x

    all throughout
    milk thistle
    fish oil

    nolva available on short notice in emergancy. But in know inherently excited about the purchase. I think the choice of ds and the brevity of cycle should keep my exposure limited as best as i can.

    Have been training consistently 5 or so years, usual tricks not working. Change of routine and whatnot. I'm 30, 20% -24%bf in season which i know makes me a total fatass by all bb standards, but im good with me. I need to be 17% ideally. Diet is sufficient for my goals, but I am making strides to improve it.
    If i am off base here using a ds specifically for strength gains., please speak up, i wont be offended. thanks for reading

  2. looks good. good luck. im sure you'll love it.
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

  3. i dont think that epi is going to be the best product for strength...but it will definately help. Are you a powerlifter? you mention "in season"? why only three weeks on the epi?

  4. For strength I'd go 19 nor.

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