another first time loser

  1. another first time loser

    long time dweller, first time.
    Looking to crack a strength plateau, not concerned about size. Pretty sure this is cool from everything i've researched over a good bit of time, but want to make sure nobody blows me up. First experiance with ds.

    week 1- ramp to 30
    week 2- 30
    week 3- 40
    week 4- reversitol 3x
    week 5- reversitol 2x
    week 6- reversitol 2x
    week 7- reversitol 1x

    all throughout
    milk thistle
    fish oil

    nolva available on short notice in emergancy. But in know inherently excited about the purchase. I think the choice of ds and the brevity of cycle should keep my exposure limited as best as i can.

    Have been training consistently 5 or so years, usual tricks not working. Change of routine and whatnot. I'm 30, 20% -24%bf in season which i know makes me a total fatass by all bb standards, but im good with me. I need to be 17% ideally. Diet is sufficient for my goals, but I am making strides to improve it.
    If i am off base here using a ds specifically for strength gains., please speak up, i wont be offended. thanks for reading

  2. looks good. good luck. im sure you'll love it.

  3. i dont think that epi is going to be the best product for strength...but it will definately help. Are you a powerlifter? you mention "in season"? why only three weeks on the epi?

  4. For strength I'd go 19 nor.

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