My next 12 week cycle

  1. My next 12 week cycle

    I will be starting a cycle in a month consisting of:
    weeks 1-2.5 500 mg sus 250
    weeks 3-12 500 mg test enanthate
    weeks 1-8 225 mg tren acetate (75 mg shot three times a week)

    I am 6'5" and 220 pounds, second cycle

    I also have some winny injectible 10 cc at 50 mg, maybe 50 mg EOD for weeks 9-12?

    What do you think?
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    Im not to fond of taking serm's for long periods of time....

  2. winny would be best pinned ED @ 50mg, but 50mg eod cant hurt.

    the tren needs to be run EOD, most run it ED, 3 days a week has the potential to bring on some bad sides.

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