Epi update...want to add/switch Winny

  1. Epi update...want to add/switch Winny

    Hello All, I'm at the end of week 1 on Epistane from IBE. 20 mgs a day with one iForce reversitol at night. I gotta say I'm feeling good and looking better. I already tell my shoulders/traps and arms look a little bigger, but weight isn't up on the scale. I do crazy cardio though and am in the process of recomping my body to be more ripped.

    I was going to switch or add Winstrol Tabs (50mg) at one a day for something stronger but Epi is kinda kicking ass right now.

    Any suggestions?? Bridge 'em, combine 'em or wait to run Winny alone in 2 months?

  2. If it aint broke, dont fix it!

    Save em.

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