T3 & Clen Question

  1. T3 & Clen Question


    I recently purchaseda T3/Clen/Keto Combo. I have been taking it for a week. So far, even with the dosing bumped up from the normal plan, I get NO HEATING and NOP SWEATING. I feel exactly the same except i get the jittering from the Clen.

    Otherwise, I feel no heat.

    My question is . .

    1) When people say they get hot . .is it like DNP @ 500mg/day hot? or is it just like "I am perspirating a bit more than normal" - b/c I don't feel $H!T on 100mcg/day of both T3 and Clen ..only jittering . . . WTF.

    2) I read somewhere that some people are unresponsive to these chemicals. Is this true? If so why?

    3) Any suggestions on what is going on and why this may not be working for me?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Also, I bought my stuff some a company that I feel is popular, so I don't think I was jipped . . maybe?



  2. I get the same way, except when I exercise I sweat a lot more than I normally would. During rest I do not sweat.

  3. yeah, I don't notice excessive heat from t3 either

  4. I heat up from clen/t3, but only when taken together at doses of 75mcg of each, at once. At 25-50mcg doses, I don't heat up.

    Do you have the jittery shakes? If not, it may be possible that you are rocking bunk chems. I am assuming since you mentioned clen/t3/ketot that you are using liquid research chems.

  5. Um for what it's worth. I sweat about the same as DNP but the "heat" feeling is no where near the same. However I find myself sweating like crazy. Mostly from the neck and armpits and back... where as with DNP I would just sweat from whatever portion of my skin was covered by clothing, etc.

  6. Hey guys,

    Thanx for the replies. I do get the shakes, and it's VERY noticable, like I have difficulty hand-writing something decent looking. Yes, they are research chems from a popular supplier many of which you probably use as well.

    With the DNP, I ran warm, and did sweat after eating carbs. With this combo, I am barely warmer than normal, but the shakes are crazy. I tried the T3 by itself and my effects were almost zilch. It may have given me a bit of a uplifting feels and a tad warmer(125mcg), and so far have just been seriously disappointed with the results of this combo.

    I may go the ECA/DNP next time, but I am having trouble finding a place to get DNP.

    Has anyone tried cytomel in pill form vs. the T3 liquid research chem? Any different in effects?

  7. You'll stop shaking after a week or so. I can't use clen anymore it makes my appetite rage.


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