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  1. kick start

    I have been on sus250 @ 500 a wk and deca 200 @ 300 a week, I have read numerous threds here saying adding a kick start to the test is a good idea since it takes 3-4 weeks to fully kick in. I have some preban 50mg 4-androstene-3,17 dione to the tune of 46 pills left and I also have 16 19-nor-androstenedione ( i believe that is otc deca anyways correct?) and i also have 2 bottles of max lmg. My question is would you use any of these compounds with this cycle?

    1-10 sus 250 2x a week
    1-8 deca 200 2x a week (one pin only doing 100) = 300 wkly
    pct i have clomid liq. and i also have novladex 50 pills

    supports i have been taking liv.52 2x daily for 2 months
    gultamine 5grams a day
    fish oil 5-10 grms a day
    creatine 5 grms 2x day
    bcaa's daily
    2-3 whey shakes a day
    1-2 casein protein a day

    I have been keeping my diet pretty clean every day getting about 3500 cals a day and somewhere around 200-250 protein a day. I am fine with just running these two and keeping it simple BUT if i can use one of these compounds I have here to achieve a better success then so be it. I have tried doing some research but to be truthful the compound game becomes very confusing to me. I have read some very good threads but to be specific on what I am asking is hard to find in another thread.

  2. i kick with one of only 4 compounds, super, phera, a-bombs, or d-bol

  3. hmmm i could run out and grab a bottle of sdrol or mdrol i imagine today.

  4. i must say it would be nice if i could use one of these i have on the shelf.

  5. u can kick with dbol, anavar, m-drol, p-plex...i like the anavar kick tho. kind of leans u out a tad before going in on a big cycle.

  6. oh make that 5 compounds, my personal fav for lean bulk kick is t-bol


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