quick cheap 30 dayer?

  1. quick cheap 30 dayer?

    heres what I am thinking for 30 days

    going to be using 10grams 4ad in some tgel
    doing the math @ 2 quirts/day that would be roughly 333 mg/day
    cost = $20 beans (had 5grams 4ad leftover)

    M1t 10mg/day (UG labs)
    30 days (7$)

    so 27 beans.

    what do you think..and yes i will have some nolva..and still have clomid left over as well..and some other crap that is on my shelf..


  2. It sounds pretty good to me. I am actually 10 days into the same cycle right now. The only difference is I have 8g 4ad & 2g OHT in my gel. I'm using it as a 4-week bulk before I take 5-6 weeks off then cut (with androgens of course).

    I'm up 8lbs & am noticably leaner. I had planned to up the m1t to 20mg after a week or so, but I'm gaining so well I may stay at 10mg throughout. I've had much less lethargy & sides than my previous m1t cycle. Lethargy was hard for days 1-3, but now I have no noticable sides.

  3. what difference do you think the OHT makes, if any?

    I was actually thinking of doing that myself, but since I had 5 grams 4ad on hand, trying to get 3 grams from it was sounding like a waste of time.
    not to mention I would probably toss the other roughly 2grams away..


  4. and btw, your thinking is like mine..planning to do a short bulker before..shredding up about 6 weeks or so after this one.

    another ??..are you noticing any bloat?

  5. Hamper, your plan sounds good. I'm planning on doing the same thing very soon. Except I'll be putting 12gr 4ad into my homebrew solution and doing about 400mg more or less of 4ad a day along with 10mg M1T. Yes, the homebrew is a bit cloudy, but nothing some hot water and some shaking won't clear......I did it my last cycle.

    I really like the addition of OHT to the 4ad, many say it keeps some of the 4ad bloat off and libido is through the roof. It's a good stacking agent. I may just spring for some, if I have $$$ left after ordering my goodies.

  6. yeah, the cost was an issue for me at this point ....
    an extra 17.50 for 2 grams OHT just didn't justify in my head since I never actually used it... I'm sure I will get around to it.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by hamper19
    and btw, your thinking is like mine..planning to do a short bulker before..shredding up about 6 weeks or so after this one.

    another ??..are you noticing any bloat?
    The OHT helps me a lot with libido, its still strong at 10 days in. It helped with bloat in the past, but I definitely got a little bloated this time. Probably not enough OHT, I would up it to 3g next time & see if that helps. The bloat lasted a week & seems to be going away. I actually was up to 224 lbs a few days ago, but I somehow have lost 2 lbs of water as I look better now at 222 than I did a few days ago. I also am prone to acne while on, which I find the OHT to help with.

  8. I think I will just take some vitex throughout..and extra B6

    good info to have though..thanks..


  9. Hamper19, why don't you just buy a beta of methyl-dien liquid from DesignerSupps for $30, which should last you four weeks. You won't need to stack that with anything. Cheap, about $1/day, and powerful, what more could you ask for?


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