PH's and testing.

  1. PH's and testing.

    Just curious if anyone knows if any of these PH's that are being sold specifically CEL xtren and M-drol will cause a false positive for urine tests for narcotics. (amphetamines, barbituates, opiates etc.) I've heard of some people taking certain products and getting busted for stuff like heroin when they weren't doing anything, just taking pre-workout supplements. Also will any PCT's or cycle assist cause false positves. I get piss tested at my job and would hate to have something comeback positive when I did nothing wrong. I would like to run some PH's but am concerned about this. Thanks for any help.

  2. No hormone should be able to make you fail a narcotics drug test due the molecular structures of them? Just a guess but it makes sense to me.

  3. they would have to do a seperate drug test to test for steroids/phs.

  4. if it is just a normal drug test (pot, cocaine, heroine etc), it will not show up. you have to specifically test for hormones to have them show up. most companies will not test for it because it is very expensive. however, yes a PH can cause a false positive on a steroid test. u'll be fine

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