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What's safe to stack with epi or m-drol?

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    What's safe to stack with epi or m-drol?

    I had big plans on epi and 1-t tren transdermal, but lack of $ at the moment and the discontinuation of said tren has me re-planning....

    So now I wanna do m-drol this fall, stacked or bridged, then do another cycle with epistane stacked or bridged next spring....

    I'm just not sure what to stack or bridge with....any opinions?

    Mostly strength this fall, then size and fat-trimming this spring is the goal of each cycle.

    Whatever it'll be I still have tamox citrate and RESTORE from my last 2 epi cycles...

    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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    tren or phera are great phs to stack with either of those.

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