4-AD trans + 1,4-AD oral doses

  1. 4-AD trans + 1,4-AD oral doses

    My next cycle is going to be a 6-week bulking. I'll be taking 1000mg 1,4-AD oral, and I'd like to add some 4-AD transdermal as a test base. My question is, what's the ideal dose for 4-AD trans when stacked with 1,4-AD oral? In your experience, at what 4-AD trans dose do you see the best returns with minimal side effects? I'm considering doses from 200-1000mg/day.

    I plan to use Propecia to prevent MPB, which has a tendency to elevate estrogen levels (prevents aromatization to DHT so more test is shunted into estrogen). If I take 500mg or even 1000mg of 4-AD trans per day, will I run a significant risk of developing gyno? (I don't mind spending the extra money for the high dose, but the 1,4 should be potent on its own so the 4-AD is really icing on the cake. I don't want to icing to give me gyno or make all my hair fall out!)

    Also, my last cycle, M1T and 1-test literally made me sick, not to mention awfully lethargic. I am looking for a cycle that will be relatively free of side effects, and may even provide increased energy and sex drive. Is there any other PH I should consider adding to 1,4-AD and 4-AD?

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  2. Dermal doses of 600-1000mg are most common if wanting to actually see benefits from the 4-AD in terms of muscle gains. Honestly though, I did a 4 week cycle of 4-AD @ 900mg/day and didn't see much results, and wasn't quite worth it IMO. Of course others have had great results with it, and actually had descent gains. It all comes down to the individual as with anything else.

    If running a high dose of ANY aromatizing compound, an anti-E should ALWAYS be on hand. Pick up some nolva from Power Nutrition and if not used, you can save it for PCT. As far as sides go, again, everyone's different and you'll have to be the judge.

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