2 Week PH Cycle Question

  1. 2 Week PH Cycle Question

    First off, I am 18 years old and am about 7% bf. I just won my first posing comp this summer and now I am transitioning to bulking. I am doing a workout called the Growth Surge Program which is in 3 stages of 2 week periods. I am going to run a 2 week cycle of PH's with a 2-4 week PCT during the second 2 week phase of the program in order to heal and stay anabolic as I will be working out two times per day *with weights*/ six days per week for two weeks. I am going to do the cycle so please just help me with this one question: Do you think that 2 weeks of PH's would cause any sides or negative effects when accompanied with a solid PCT?

  2. You're 18, don't touch ph's or steroids.

  3. I'm not going to. Thanks for everyone for the replies. I'm just going to stick with being natural until I'm at least 22. Thanks for all the replies and everyones help. I'm just going to stick with ZMA, vitamins, whey, Nitric Oxide, BCAA's, Creatine, and my normal clean bulking diet. I've come so far already and proved that I don't need steroids to win a bodybuilding comp to take a risk like this. Thanks again, goodluck and God Bless

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