Steroid busts and New Regulations

  1. Steroid busts and New Regulations

    Steroid busts and New Regulations

    Talked to a contact today, who informed me he can no longer trust anyone, because there were some new steroid laws enacted in January allowing more resources and much tougher penalties directed towards AAS crackdowns. There have been 3 majors busted in our area in the past 6 weeks alone, penalties were a minimum of 7(!) years for almost nothing, resulting from new regs enacted after the President's speech in January about steroid abuse.

    The contact said police departments are now involved like there's no tomorrow, setting up people on major BB boards, among other things; now I know this has been going on for awhile, but there is legitimate money in it for them now.

    Does anyone have info they can post on any new reg's (edit), or any other stories or cautions along this line? Thanks.
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  2. Umm I must have missed where the new laws were passed...

  3. How creditable is this source of yours?

  4. BUMP on Matt's response, kinda hard to take "some sources" word for it. I haven't heard anything along the lines of harsher penalties either. They are predicting harsher ones on AAS after the ban on ph's go through, but thats all I've heard. Need more intel on this...

  5. Very credible source, in the loop for awhile, knows one of the guys busted in our area. Could be he just got spooked because of the "coincidence" of the Balco busts and the President's January anti-steroid speech, and jumped to conclusion. Anyway, since nobody seems to have heard anything, I'll try to contact one of my government contacts and see if there's any validity to these claims. I will also press my source for more info, and post if you like.

    Hope this isn't true, just posted as soon as I heard it, and wanted to give a head's up just in case.

  6. What region are you specifically refering to?

    I discovered some information but it is refering to customs.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by size
    What region are you specifically refering to?

    I discovered some information but it is refering to customs.
    Western Missouri/ eastern Kansas; I have to wait til tomorrow to find out anything

  8. Sounds like an X-File to me, where in the hell is Mulder

    Seriously though, if true, this sucks, I live in Big MO.

  9. I've also heard that there are new measures in place with respect to customs and importation in general.

    For those in the know, be warned they are definitely applying heat to the pipeline...


  10. Just talked to a guy who got busted here in CO and he said it was the same old crap, no harsher penalties but they do seem to be going after the dealers a lot more, as in upping the heat on them all. I dont buy locally anymore so Im not too worried about that but I am worried about my powders coming in.

  11. Taking me awhile to confirm my sources, but my contact said this today:

    [two of his contacts] are in the pipeline; they said the busts are going hot and heavy, and there seems to be a new federal law mandating a minimum of 7 years for (domestic mail-order distribution, maybe? trying to find out; he doesn't think it's intent to distribute). Anyway, they are saying according to the word on the pipe the feds are hitting the "dealers" hard, and using this new reg as their cut-and-dried to convict these "criminals". Like I said, 3 people in our area alone were busted not long ago (they said within the time frame of the Balco busts; I am attempting to verify names, dates, and other info. The case study will list and verify any new laws I'm sure, if there are any).

    I am trying to discern if the sources are jumping to conclusions and assuming the newfound interest in so-called steroid "abuse" is the cause behind all of this recent ruckus, or if there are legitimate concerns based on new regs either newly implemented, or in the works. Anyway, the 7 years min for doing peanuts is what caught my ears. I'll post when I dig up more info.

  12. Are you saying 7 for possession or 7 for distribution?

    Good info though.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by size
    Are you saying 7 for possession or 7 for distribution?

    Good info though.
    I'm still trying to find out... I would assume more for distribution, as the former would have been like a nuke goin' off -- someone would have heard about that fer sure. But still trying to verify EVERYTHING. I know of the people involved, and they are usually not prone to exaggerate

  14. tyhere have been no new fedral laws passed must be st the state level...but the import laws have chaged.

  15. What are the new import laws?

  16. I know as far as import laws Feds are going after Chinese gh like mad men and rewrote laws pertaining to it.


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