Deca to repair??

  1. Deca to repair??

    Hi guys complete rookie here i am in the fitness industry and i know basic knowledge on some types of roids and i have read that deca is very good at healing joint pain and increasing bone density aswell as good for bulking with minimal effects if taken correctly. I am 22 years old and have had a boxing injury since december, countless trips to the physio and rehab programs on my wrist and now last res is accupuncture. I am double jointed in my wrists so my injury was a little more rare than normal as i belive i have ruptured a small disk that run in line with my little finger about few inches down the corner of my wrist. It hasnt heald having not boxed in 2months with weight training giving me no problems and only returning when i box. My friend who was into roids alot swears by deca that helped heal his back and tenis elbow that me going on a 1mill a week and then possably up to 1.5-2 mill will help sort out my injury as the way to repair the disk is via surgery which in not an option for me. I basically wanted to know your thoughts on it i am only looking to take it to heal my wrist and to be honest i am a small frame so giving me a bit more bone density i wouldnt object to it either. I do train regularly and have a good diet weigh 140lb would like to box at 147lbs. I have a smaller kidney on one side and have read no problems that deca would give me with that but as i dont drink and take nothing but weigh protien i dont over use them.
    Advice would be very much appriciated and welcome all to comment, Thanks

  2. any help guys would be much apprecited, also do you think i would need a small test boots if im taking 1 mil a week?

  3. I don't think anyone can say for sure if it will help you, but hey why not? I'd try it if I were in your shoes.....If your taking any steroids I would assume shut down after some period of time. So If you take the Nandrolone long enough and you want good testosterone levels than I would also take it too. IMO 300mg/week Nandrolone and 200-300mg/week test. But Also things take time to heal......... What kind of rest have you been giving it?

  4. Woah, woah. Dont run Deca for the sole purpose of repair. itll make you feel better but if you dont run it for bodybuilding things will hit the fan.

    5'10 140???

    id go el'natural for a while longer.

  5. I have tried everything no boxing what so ever for 2 months with light forearm curls and now have moved on to acupuncture and sports massage. have been taking glucosomine with msm and even icing it just temp gets rid of the pain/swelling. When you guys say shut down what to you mean? I do train weights even more so because it doesnt give me any pain when i do so i would never take deca and not train weights but because i am in the fitness industry i have to get this mended some how and just wanted to know your guys advice, if i didnt have to run the course now i wouldnt because i agree im 22 and only 140 so id prefer it if i was 25/26.

  6. Check out the GHRP-6 forums; I had a shoulder injury and it cleared it right up within a couple of weeks. There's a heap of good info in there.
    You don't really want to hit the deca solo (as I found out), you'll shut down hard and need a good PCT after.

  7. i have read that hgh does help with repair. google human growth hormones. that s**t is expensive though.

  8. Well don't feel like you have to take the deca. You might just need longer than two months off. I second that you should look at IGF-1 and GHRP-6. Shut down is when you stop producing your own test. Look up Hpt axis, it works by negative feed back. Take some time to use the search function, there is some good info on your questions.

  9. Not sure if it would be worth the sides. By sides I mainly mean shut down. I don't think that anything less than 200mg would even do anything. In my experience Deca has helped when I was on...and for a little while afterwards, but not permanently. If you have some kind of break/tear/stress fracture you might want to just wrap/cast it and let it heal according to your doctors recommendations. My opinion doesn't carry any clout on this board yet, but I personally would not use gear for the sole purpose of healing something like that.


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