PH care

  1. PH care

    I just bought a UTT stack from AMS and stuck in the freezer as I wont be using it till this winter. I thought I remembered hearing you could do that to keep them good. Did I remember right?


  2. good,thanks.

  3. With utt, I am not sure about putting it in the freezer.

    The fridge may be a better option. If you post within the AMS forum, you may have a better answer.

  4. I'd be scared it would expand (its mostly water) and break the bottle.

  5. i checked it this morning, and it was sludgy.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by HarryManback View Post
    i checked it this morning, and it was sludgy.
    Mmmm, anabolic slushy

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Skigazzi View Post
    Mmmm, anabolic slushy
    That sounds pretty sick actually lol!

  8. I wouldn't freeze it if your using it this winter unless it is expired.

  9. no its not expired. ill just stick it in the fridge then.


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