Dymethazine + Protodrol + EQ Plex Cycle

  1. Dymethazine + Protodrol + EQ Plex Cycle

    I have a lot of experience with these nifty PH's & DS's & I'm looking to have a couple more great cycles and then get out of it. Here's what I'm thinking:

    75 days of EQ Plex @ 800mg per day (5 bottles - on sale right now for 27.50)
    First 30 days Dymethazine @ 30mg per day (1 box)
    Last 30 days Protodrol @ 50mg (1 bottle)

    The proper supports would be run & PCT would be a SERM + other goodies.

    Does anyone have any input or see any problems w/ this stack?

  2. you already have a box of protodrol, & you have experience with protodrol? im amazed. I think it's too long on methyls, and would guess you'll probably end the cycle early due to feeling like sh*t. but uh, it's your body.

    Good luck!

  3. True ... no Protodrol yet ... wouldn't be starting until sometime next month & that doesn't come in until weeks 8-12. So I wouldn't be using Protodrol until a minimum 3 months from now. I plan to run the methyls days 1-30 & 45-75 & the science on Protodrol says that it minimally effects your liver. Do you believe that this is too much or does not make sense?

    I have additional compounds I could sub in:

    Tren (though I just ran that in May)
    The One (this is an option)
    M1,4ADD (this is also an option though I would probably put Dymethazine @ the end & M1,4 at the beginning.)

    Any thoughts or advice you have would be appreciated.

  4. the cycle makes sense, but I just say you'll probably end it short because of this....

    my last cycle, I ran "the one" bridged with epi/hd/dienedrone.

    the one didn't do much for me, even at 4 caps, I ran it for 4 weeks, then went into the next one. I ended up dropping the dien 2 weeks in, due to gyno issues, then the epi to starting to feel like crap, so just ran the hd @ 50mg for the next two weeks. and started feeling better. (I respond really well to hd, 50mg works for me)

    anyhow, by week 8, even after using these very mild compounds I was feeling like complete sht, and actually got a bronchial infection, coughing up blood. teeth hurt, felt very lethargic. so ended cycle two day early, and jumped into pct, with extreme emphasis on liver support sups.

    two weeks into pct, sickness went away. teeth felt better. overall felt better. two months into pct, after a blood test, all liver values were back to normal, cholesterol was excellent, hormones were normal, everything was good.

    but the point is, when you start to go past 6 weeks ona methylated steroids, sides do increase greatly. and this is why experts in the field say 6 weeks on a methylated steroid is the maximum length that it should be run at.

    just a sugestion though.

  5. Wow ... sorry to hear about your complications on cycle. I'm really hoping that my 2 week break in the middle may help me.

    Knowing that Dymethazine is probably a lot stronger than Protodrol would you put it at the end, so that I can roll right into PCT? My thinking was to put it a the beginning so the BOLD & Protodrol could help me maintain the gains more...thoughts?

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