question about a stack

  1. question about a stack

    yo ive done phs befor so im not new to this, but i just had a quick question about a stack. just picked up some 1 test and also got some andro nitrate fule which is 1ad and 4ad

    if i stack them togeather would that be a good idea?
    1test in the morning
    1ad, 4ad in afternoon befor workout
    1test before bed

    i also got some nolva, and 6oxo, and im also goin to pick up some milk thisle so tell me what u think

  2. Hmn, research this question and you will find a bajillion threads about 1-test/4ad stacks. But to answer your question....

    4ad taken orally isn't the best solution. next time buy a transdermal from that has the 1-test/4ad stack. it's called t1-pro

    for this cycle, don't worry about the 6oxo. its good stuff, but nolva/clomid is needed for pct

  3. I personally wouldn't stack 1 test and 1AD together, I'd be too damn lethargic, even with 4AD.

    Also, being that you're 20, you might want to wait. Though you said you've already done cycles, I'd still hold off a little longer.

  4. Beamen, don't use 1-AD and 1-Test together bro. I personally like a 1:1 ratio of 1-Test and 4-AD transdermally. If you are new to transdermals than I'd recommend 200 mg. daily of 1-Test & 4-AD. Migh wanna add some Letro if you're concerned about bloat. Nolva is great you don't need 6-OXO when you can get Nolva.

  5. Try not to begin posts with "Yo", it shows your age (unless you are Rocky Balboa, of course). You are gonna get flamed for using androgens at 20 years old anyway.

    I agree about not taking 1ad & 1-test together. 1ad is a decent product, but why take something that converts to 1-test when you already have 1-test. The stuff is a ripoff anyway. Sell it off.

  6. thanks for the advice guys. i guess ill just waite and get a transdermal, i can sell the other stuff real easy.


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