Methyl-1SD/Trenv-700 log

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  1. Methyl-1SD/Trenv-700 log

    Hey guys. This will be my first log on AM. I am very excited.

    Cycle Info:
    Trenv-700 70/105/105/105/00/00
    Methyl-1SD 00/00/00/10/20/20

    Current Stats:
    Arms - 16"
    Shoulders - 50"
    Chest - 42"
    Legs - 24" (I know they are small)
    Calves - 16"

    Support Supps:
    Cycle Support
    Milk Thistle - 1000mg extra
    Fish Oil - 3-5g
    Saw Palmetto - 320mg
    Anabolic Pump

    Clomid on Hand
    Post Cylce Support
    Novatest (6-bromo)
    Cycle Support

    Training Schedule:
    Day 1 - Chest
    Day 2 - Back/Traps
    Day 3 - Quads/Calves
    Day 4 - OFF
    Day 5 - Shoulders/Traps
    Day 6 - Arms
    Day 7 - Hams/Calves

  2. Forgot to say I start my cycle tomorrow

  3. sd and tren ill follow i dont know to much about that company

  4. All there products when on a clearance blowout after the bust a month or so ago. They were cheap, so I got em. Same compound as m-drol and tren extreme.

  5. Today is Day 1 and I'm really looking forward to this cycle. Did 30 min of cardio this morning at 6 and I'm eating my breakfast now. Going to take first dose of Trenv-700 at 8 with some peanut butter. Today is chest day. Should I stop taking Jack3d before my workouts because of the pump I will get off the tren.

  6. i dont think your going to get a super ph pump day one of tren give it 9 days id say if u feel that stim-ing effect from the tren pre workout dont take the Jacked but if not i'd say take it it wont hurt

  7. Day 1: 70mg Tren

    Had a really good workout this afternoon. Looked a little more vascular than usual. Don't know if increased aggression is typical on day 1, but I was little short fused earlier today at work.

  8. Day 2: 70mg Tren

    Weight is at 191lbs. No aggression today. Had an AWESOME back workout. Stength was definitely up.

  9. Day 4: 70mg Tren
    I had a really busy day and did not get to post anything for Day 3 yesterday. I went to the Rays/Tigers game last night so I took the day off from the gym.

    I am going to do quads this morning. Just waiting to eat my breakfast.

    No sides to report.

  10. subbed, go get em

  11. Day 5: 70mg Tren

    Getting ready to go to the gym soon. Today is shoulders/traps. I don't prefer to workout in the mornings, but my wife is off with me today and she wants me to get it done early.

    My leg workout yesterday morning was AWESOME. Noticed a lot more strength and endurance. That is unusual for me with morning workouts.

    So far, so good. No sides to report, except some mild crankiness.

  12. Had a really good workout this morning. Killed my shoulders. Pumps were awesome. Strength is definitely up. Weighed 193 before workout.

  13. Day 6: 70mg Tren

    Just got back from the gym. Today was arms day. This workout was the first time I felt the PH pump. It was awesome. My strength is definitely improving. I've gained 2-3 lbs so far. I probably need to increase my carb intake, but I'm trying not increase my body fat too much. Im doing 30min of fasted cardio every morning. Just a brisk walk, nothing too strenuos.

  14. Day 7: 70mg Tren

    Really loving this product so far. I have put on 4lbs this week and it appears to all mean lean muscle. I am doing cardio every morning to avoid putting on excess body fat. Today I did quads in the gym and I was able to add 50lbs to my deadlifts.

    Tomorrow I begin taking three pills a day. When should I take these? Should I space them out evenly every 8 hours? I usually take the tren with a tbsp of peanut butter. If I want to do fasted cardio in the morning, should I wait to take the tren until after I do my cardio?


  15. Day 9: 105mg Tren

    I was really busy yesterday and didn't have a chance to post, but yesterday was the first day I bumped the dosage up to three pills a day. My workouts are awesome at this point. Yesterday I chest and my strength is going through the roof.

    Today I am doing back after work. I am going for my cardio session in a couple of minutes.

    No sides to report yet that are negative.

  16. Day 10: 105mg Tren

    Today is an off day for me. I've been getting much stronger every workout and the pumps are crazy. No negative sides as of now. Im now at 195, so up 5lbs in 10 days.

  17. Day 11: 105mg Tren

    I went to the gym this morning and did quads. I had more endurance than usual and knocked out an extra set of each exercise I performed. I weighed in at 196lbs before lifting. Up 6lbs so far.

  18. Great log so far and nice results. I noticed several supplements listed in under PCT. Is that many supplements recommended for your current stack?

  19. good log so far man first 2 days at 105 going to get good

  20. Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyIOSOS View Post
    Great log so far and nice results. I noticed several supplements listed in under PCT. Is that many supplements recommended for your current stack?
    Those are usual off cycle supps, so I thought I would add them back when I started my PCT

  21. Day 12: 105mg Tren

    Today is my 5th day dosing three times a day. I feel much fuller and harder throughout the day. I have gained 5-6lbs since I started. I don't know if I am gaining too fast or if this typical. I don't add in SD for nearly two more weeks. I am doing cardio every morning and my waist seems to have shrunk a little.

    I did shoulders this afternoon and the pump was insane. Painful at times. I stopped taking Jack3d before my workouts, but I am thinking that the beta alanine in there my help with some of the soreness from the pump.

    I planned on using the tren for 4 weeks and adding in the superdrol during the last week. I want to run the sd for 3 weeks, making my cycle a total of 6weeks.

    Question for someone: Should I add an extra week of the tren? I really love this stuff so far and I have not had any negative sides as of yet.

  22. Day 14: 105mg Tren

    Well I have had a solid week of three capsules a day and I am quite impressed. Yesterday I did arms and vascularity and pump was insane. It seems to only take a set or two to get insane pumps now. One more week and I get to add the sd in. I can't wait.

    Getting ready to go out and do some cardio now. Im going hamstrings in the gym around 9 this morning.

  23. Day 16: 105mg Tren

    I took yesterday off from the gym because I have lot of sruff going on with work and school.

    Today was chest day at the gym and the pump I got was quite painful towards the end of the workout. Not pain as I hurt myself, but pain as in my muscles felt like they were going to tear through my skin. I can't remember another time where my muscles were so dense.

    I was able to do 275 on incline for 4 reps and 295 on flat bench for 3 reps. I have never been able to do multiple reps at these weights before. The strength gain are really awesome.

    I weighed 199lbs before my workout. Up 9 pounds in 16 days!

  24. subbed
    Eat Clean. Train Dirty.

  25. Day 17: 105mg Tren

    Just got home from the gym. I did back today. I had one of my friends tag along and he couldn't believe how strong I was. Last week when I did back I was doing pulldowns with 220 for reps of 6-8. Today I was able to do the stack (260) for 6 reps. Lovin this tren. 5 more days until I add in SD.


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