Hi Please help! Want to get ripped.

  1. Hi Please help! Want to get ripped.

    Hi GUys i am really being a bit cheaky and looking for some free advice. I have been working out for about a year now and not happy with results. I really want to try steroids out ans see if they work for me! I live in the uk so getting proper steroids is very hard. Any Suggestions? All the ones online seem to be a scam???

    I have found some products that look ok but they are just sups i think and not the real deal.

    Please can someone with experience have a look at this url and tell me whether this is worth ago??

    prohormones.biz/acatalog/Ultimate_Mass_Pyramid_Stack.ht ml

    I just need a bit of guidence what is best to take as there is so much choice. Tio begin with i just want to take orally i think...

    thanks for your time guys.

  2. you are not happy with your results and want to take something to make you happier with your results?

  3. First you need to learn how to train and eat! If you had a proper diet and training you would see some better results. You need solid diet and training while taking steroids! They are NOT the magic bullet, they simply help you recover and build faster. If you are getting crap results without steroids you are gonna get enhanced crap with them.

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