Finiplex Homebrew Question

  1. Finiplex Homebrew Question

    Hey guys I have been doing some research lately on making finiplex at home and have seen a lot of articles. I was wondering if anyone has actually done this before, had a preferred method and was willing to share your experiences as to the effectiveness of the product. Also i was wondering if you used or think it would be better to use the pellets or to get trenbolone acetate powder. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. i dont believe this is allowed on this board

  3. Hmm I wasn't aware of that. If so let me know and i will move my question somewhere else.

  4. I'm brand new to this site. I want to post a question like this. I don't know the guidelines as to what kind of questions we can ask. Where would I go about doing that?


    taken from the above link:

    "Talking about how to convert powders and various illegal substances is NOT tolerated! Do not ask for supply kits or anything else that can be perceived as "steroid paraphernalia" and do not post links to those sites that supply such products."



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