Need help building next cycle....Your thoughts?

  1. Lightbulb Need help building next cycle....Your thoughts?

    My current stock:

    2 btls M-drol
    1 P Plex
    1 epistane
    1 S roid
    1 The one/ second gear
    1 HALO

    Plenty of cycle assist, inhibit E, milk thistle, nolvadex, several brands of test boosters, hawthorn berry. So both on cycle and after I'm covered.

    I'm looking for a six week cycle once the snow starts and my work slows down. I plan on upping my cals to about 4000 a day like last time-mostly clean cals. I gotta have my ice cream!

    What are your suggestions? Within reason please. My first PH cycle I went from 163 lbs benching around 275 to 171 lbs benching 325. All lifts went up-curls, lats, tris, squats, dips, rows, flys-anywhere from 10-30 lbs., squats up about 100. My first cycle was kinda mild, and 30 days long.

    I would also consider bridging.

    Can anyone build me a cycle whith what I have to work with that will get me to 180+lbs.??

  2. I also uploaded a couple new pics. What the heck am I doing wrong with my lats? I do pull-ups till I almost puke, hit the lat machine, lat-cable machine. And a couple other lat machines they have at LTF. I'm sore for a day after workouts, sometimes two. They just wont grow...?

  3. with lats, its genetic man, i do a lot for my lats but i feel my batwings are still undersized. Keep trying different things.

    sounds like you got great gains on your first cycle, well what was it?

    As for the new cycle, i'd choose 2 out of the Epi, Superdrol, and Phera and run a 5-6 week bridged cycle.
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  4. Epi 30/ 4 wks Prostan 30/4 wks. Never really shut down much, some libido loss in week 4. Was back to normal in about two weeks. Gained over 11 lbs total, lost a couple during PCT.

    Strange thing is after almost 4 weeks my strength is still going up! But my natural test is way up also and am still using some inhibit-E. I find myself getting irritated easily the last two weeks.

    Even at 40 y.o. I feel I could do a stronger stack, I recover quickly, have very few joint probs. when using cissus.

    I'll search for some epi/s-drol stack logs. I would like dry gains. How would a bridge work if I added The One or P-plex at the beginning or end? I've been up since 4 am so I'm tired, hope that made some sense.

  5. Sdrol should really be run on its own before you throw it into a stack and besides, superdrol hardly needs to be stacked.

    I'm thinking you try something like this, do a bridge but keep it simple introduce 1 new compound by using the phera. You can adjust the phera differently and introduce the Epi whenever you want, as you already know what to expect from Epi. 30mg prostanozol i think contributed nothing compared to 30mg of Epi.

    Phera 30/30/30/30
    Epi 00/00/20/30/40/40

    Phera epi bridge is tried and true.
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    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot

  6. you lats dont look bad in your avatar. keep at it man.

  7. Thanks T!

    U M, I like your advice! That sounds good for a 6 weeker. If I get my arse kicked in mexico while on vacation,I can always run the super late winter after vacation.
    For the 40mg of epi, I normally space doses out evenly throughout the day. Take the higher dose in the AM before workout? Or before bed? And is there any real advantages to either?

  8. How wide do u go for ur pull ups? When I was like in love with my lats we were using am insanely wide lat pull down bar and putting it on handles across a universal weight station(lat pull downs, seated rows, tri exten, ect) and do atleast 5 sets of pull ups. That made my lats explode.

    Id say that the biggest dose preworkout. Give it atleast an hour if not 2.

  9. Now I'm thinking.....Would it be possible to run a bottle of "the one" then the phera/epi bridge? Or mabey that might be to long of a cycle. The one claims no shutdown, and minimal PCT so theoreticaly it should be possible. I was thinking TO 3 weeks-tied in with the Phera for a week. Then into the major part of the bridge. Just wondering if TO would be a good kick-start to the whole cycle and increase the total time to 9 weeks. I'm not set on this, just a thought.

  10. Of course support supps would be top notch; liv-52, hawthorn, milk thistle, T-force, DHEA, maca, trib, multi vit., ZMA, cycle support.

    And thinking for PCT Nolva 40/30/30/20, PCT revolution, (most of my support supps-the herbals-are a daily anyway) OTC-Clomid.


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