kidney pain or back pumps

  1. kidney pain or back pumps

    Having pains in my lower back and can't differentiate between kidneys or just back day seven of purus labs m14-e and x-tren cycle. first was right side now its left side. Urine is normal, everything is ok just looking for some opinions. Thanks

  2. Most likely back pumps. Kidney pain would radiate from under your back ribs, about a third of the way up from your waist. If it's just pain to the left/right of your tailbone, it's probably muscular.

    Try 5-10 grams of taurine twice a day.

  3. how to tell if its back pumps. dose 2-3g taurine, 500mg magnesium, a banana (for the potassium), and 8-16 oz of water. if the pain goes away, its back pumps....

  4. tonic water helps as well

  5. Kidney: more water
    back pumps: taurine


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