Hdrol cycle check

  1. Hdrol cycle check

    repost to the correct thread ... for those who do not know im running my first cycle of Hdrol!

    What's up guys, first post here on AnabolicMinds! I'm going to be running my first PH cycle (Hdrol).I've done so much research it hurts my head!! I'd like to get my cycle / pct checked out by someone who HAS ACCUALLY RAN HDROL + PCT BEFORE WITH SUCCESS!!!

    10 days pre cycle
    Cycle support

    weeks 1-5
    Hdrol 75/75/100/100/100 (assuming sides are okay)
    Cycle support continued...

    PCT weeks 6 - 10
    Reversitol 3/2/2/1
    Diesel Test Hardcore 4 caps 2 times a day
    Lean Xtreme being my product of choice. 3 times daily

    That about sums it up....Do you think it's greedy for my first cycle...to stack HDROL with another PH like Tren?

  2. -id stick to single compound for your first cycle. if you want to run tren than bridge it into the tren

    -id run the hdrol for 6 weeks unless youre going to bridge it. run another week at 75mg

    id look into a pct as follows to help hold onto gains:
    Tamoxifen Citrate (nolvadex) 20/20/20/20
    lean xtreme

    and if you were to bridge. overlap the tren and hdrol for a 1-2 week period..

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