Supremacy/Mdrol Stack?

  1. Supremacy/Mdrol Stack?

    I'm ready to start my Maximus Labs Supremacy cycle and I happen to have 3 weeks of leftover Mdrol...Does anyone have any input on stacking them together?

    Supremacy is a chemical mix of Epi and Tren, just curious if these two ph's would work together for a great stack.

  2. Anyone??

  3. wow....

  4. My advice if you were so bent on using both then do the MDrol followed up with the supremacy or vice versa- no need to stack all three at once.
    Either way the MDROL or the supremacy are good on their own.
    Your choice- it's your body bro feel it out if you wanna try

  5. How much is 3 weeks of M-drol to u?

  6. 3 week breakdown would be:

    I did a 4 week cycle with it and really dont think the 4th week was necessary


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