4-OHT dosage?

  1. 4-OHT dosage?

    I'm looking for the typical dosage for 4-OHT. I'm wanting to use it as an AI, toward the end of my cycle, but am willing to bump it up a bit if it'll give some results.

  2. As memory serves me, I used 100mg/day as part of a 1-T/4-AD/4-OHT transdermal stack. There is nothing magical about this number. It is merely what I took.

  3. Cogar, how did you like the addition of the 4-OHT? Did you see a difference? I'm going to try adding it to my next cycle in a couple of weeks.

  4. Hi Cuffs, I do not have enough experience to say I really noticed a difference--unless you consider a lack of any noticeable sides as "a difference" (if you get my point). Like most other people, I added it to get anabolic properties out of what is essentially an aromatase inhibitor, and it did seem to perform as it was supposed to. I got about the same gains (give or take 1/2 lb.) out of a 1-T/4-AD/4-OHT transdermal cycle in 4 weeks that I got out of an M 1-T cycle in two weeks without the bloat, lethargy, shortness of breath, or itchy nips that I got from M 1-T.

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