My current cycle, Cut now?

  1. My current cycle, Cut now?

    Im about to goto the field for 3 weeks, (in the marine corps)
    So I have 4 weeks left of cyp to run and 6 of test prop. I was gonna run the last 4 weeks with clen and T3.
    Was gonna go T3 2 weeks then clen 2weeks.
    Then eat alot during PCT and keep protien up to keep the gains thus far.
    Then Ill use clen and ECA after PCT.
    Any suggestions on changing this around? I "CAN" wait until done but since I was gonna use T3, I thought I should use it on cycle of course.
    Anyone recommend just clen and ECA AFTER PCT?
    Who makes a good eca stack btw.

  2. hope your not planning on running ECA and Clen together, that would be really harsh
    I wouldnt use T3 post cycle its too catabolic, towards the end of cycle it should be ok though
    I used clen post cycle this time and it worked well just take potassium, missed potassium for two days during and I was like one big cramp.
    As for the ECA stack Thermaburn, I think PN still has some.

  3. You have nolva or clomid right? You need one or the other and viking is right run the t3 during your cycle alternate 2 weeks clen 2 weeks eca for anti-catabolism but keep your cals high till you are fully recovered.

  4. of course I have clo and nolva. Thanks iron on the ECA brand, and of course I was gonna run t3 on cycle, thats why I said the last 4 weeks.
    3 weeks t3, last week and PCT clen/eca.

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