a few questions re nolva

  1. a few questions re nolva

    how stable of a compound is nolvadex(tamoxifen)?
    Is it OK to use after expiration date on bottle?
    Also, would using 6-oxo w/ nolvadex be redundant and unnecessary?
    thanks in advance for the help

  2. Novla. is a fairly stable compound and can be used after the expiration date (be reasonable however, if it's long expired, toss it, not worth the risk)

    As for the second question, I would have to know your cycle first....

  3. thanks for the response
    cycle= T1 @ 4sqts ED and 1,4 @ 6oomg ED

  4. oh yeah- cycle length= 4wks.

  5. I would save my novla. unless you are showing obvious signs of gyno, if not- stick with the 6-oxo at the recommended dosage and you should be fine.

  6. Are you talking about dosing during cycle or post?


  7. post cycle

  8. Would Nolvadex @ 10mg a day be a stronger anti e than 6 oxo @ 300mg a day? Which would be more effective after a 4 week T1Pro cycle?


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