Women's libido booster

  1. Women's libido booster

    I have read several threads on boosting libido in women, both here and on other boards. It still seems unclear as to the best way to go with this.

    So I have lots of 4AD, Tbase, and plenty of T-gel. What do you guys think is best? dosages on average? Sides to look for other than the usual androgen induced ones?


  2. dont use an androgen try something like viagra(increased bloodflow in genitals) or the potent combo of yohimbine hcl and vitex. Androgens can have negative consequences in women and I personally would not risk it til I had exhausted all other possibilities.

  3. Yohimbine and vitex it is. Thanks.

  4. money works well,lol j/k

  5. I have heard oral yohimbine works wonders for women's libidos. Its cheap too. I've been meaning to get some for my wife...

    I would not give 4ad to a female, unless you like women with facial hair & 3" long clits. It converts to test, there are much better options for women.

  6. my GF has taken 4-ad multiple times before to get her libido back up. She has never had any problems with facial hair, clitoral enlargement, deep voice, etc....FYI, they do give women test injections nowadays to get the libido back up.
    Here is my problem with viagra, yohimbe, or other products similar. They increase bloodflow..whoopdedo. I'm male, if my libido is low, why would I want to take viagra? All its doing is giving me an erection. If I'm not in the mood to have sex, an erection isn't going to do me any good. Same with a woman. If all it is doing is increasing bloodflow to that area, how is that helping the actual problem, which is low libido.

  7. I think some of the problem may be from stress at work and possibly even mild depression. I'll start out with the least risky and go from there.

    I also see quite a few women who get good results from wellbutrin, which would also help with any depression too.

    It's not that she doesn't enjoy it when it happens. The mood and drive is just not there much anymore. I'll keep you all posted on what works and what doesn't in case any of you want to give it a try. Thanks again.

  8. dunno if anyone saw last night, but 20/20 had on a special about women and sex. one lady at the beginning had really low libido. so she was sent to a special clinic for female sexual disfunction. their method of therapy - testosterone! she took a couple of ml's EOD. i think it was test enanthate (that was the bottle they showed anyway)

  9. i think this is a pretty common syndrome farmer. alot of it is just our modern lifestyle.

  10. Yohimbine works somewhat, but my wife doesn't like the anxiety side effects. Cialis works to increase bloodflow and lubrication, which makes her more aware of herself so to speak. Of course it doesn't directly increase her libido, but gets her thinking about it and makes her enjoy sex much more. Honestly, the only thing that really gets her libido going is alcohol. I think I remember reading several years ago that alcohol can cause an increase in test in women, but I could be wrong.

    edit: I've also heard vitex could interfere with birth control pills. I wonder if test would alter the hormonal balance enough to interfere with them as well?

  11. Well, I have everything discussed in this thread except yohimbine hcl. I'm gonna order that Mon. and we'll see what happens.

    I have a feeling that some mix of the supps will eventually be the answer but we'll see soon. Thanks for all your help.

    P.S. If none of that works, I think we'll be going to Hedonism this year!

  12. test will probably do something to BC if something as uninteresting as vitex will I will look for studies on this and post them.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by maggmaster
    test will probably do something to BC if something as uninteresting as vitex will I will look for studies on this and post them.
    I searched for a little while on vitex, and found mostly PMS studies, but I did find these two:

    CONCLUSION: In women with sterility and oligomenorrhea, a treatment with Phyto Hypophyson L can be recommended over a period of 3-6 months.
    CONCLUSION: In women with sterility due to secondary amenorrhoea and luteal insufficiency, a treatment with Mastodynon can be recommended over a period of 3 to 6 months.
    They both reference "an Agnus castus-containing preparation". They conclude that the preparations can increase fertility in infertile women, rather than healthy women. I don't think I'll take my chances though, my kids two kids are plenty!

  14. Nice stuff man I dound a couple of studies rearding test and BC being used in conjunction so it seems that test does not change the effectivness of BC

  15. Be wary of some of these supps if your wife has mild depression or anxiety-depression symptoms as mine does.

    She's tried Yohimbe and freaked out(in a bad way), Tribulus and freaked out, Vitex put her in a reeeaaally bad mood, and any Arginine related supps did the same. Basically I think anything that raises NO levels in people with bi-polar depression should be avoided.

    4AD can be used, especially in oral form as it only remains active for about 2hours so androgenic sides shouldn't be a problem if its only used once in awhile before sex.

    Best cure besides a huge pay raise is long, extended foreplay.

  16. I agree bio. Plenty of attention is what they want. As far as BC, it's not an issue because I had my plumbing capped off a couple years back.

    For those who are interested, I found some 25mg DHEA at Wally World this morning and thought what the hell. She took one this morning and will continue with one a day for about a week to see if it works going to two a day if needed. She already seems to be in a better mood. The doctor who I work for recommeneded I try this as it was a safe route. The yohimbe is on its way just in case.

    Bioman: If she does in fact have depression, it is very mild and I would guess it to be more stress related than actual clinical depression or psycogenic disorder. I will definitely keep you posted because I'm sure everyone has experienced or will experience this same problem at some point.

  17. Any updates for us farmer?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by BingeAndPurge
    Any updates for us farmer?
    Must be "busy".

  19. Here's what happened:

    Started out with 2mg Yoh, 50mg 19-nor, and 50mg 5AA in the form of 3-alpha.
    These substances came from quite a long time studying up in the hospitals's medical library. The doses came from my own complicated reasoning which I won't go into.
    Anyway, the substances were right. The doses wrong

    I capped 5mg Yoh HCL with 100mg 19-Nor and used green tea to finish filling up the caps. Then mixed up some M5AA oral solution.
    She takes 5mg M5AA in the morning. One of the caps mid morning and one after lunch. Works great.

    The 3-alpha just wasn't orally available enough to get results. That's why we switched to M5AA. I'm sure this will vary greatly for everyone and could be improved upon. Just gotta keep researching until you find the right combo. I still think 4AD or test needs to be worked in somehow but I have no complaints for now.

  20. I give my wife 50mg a day of DHEA and it has worked wonders for her sex drive. Her friends doctor had told her to do it, and it worked for her so we figured why not? Its cheap and it sure as hell has her horney


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