PCT as stand alone?

  1. PCT as stand alone?

    Can one take nolv, clomid, toremifene, etc. as a stand alone cycle to just help boost test? I am asking this as an alternative to taking these natty test boosters you can buy in any store.

  2. Don' think so

  3. You won't see the results as with a post AAS cycle. The reason for this is that after an AAS cycle natural test levels are much lower than yours are now. You will only see a minimal rise in test levels.

  4. what about the study that they have in the old school anabolics forum on the nolva study?

  5. I feel that by week 3+ of clomid my test levels are elevated significantly higher than pre-cycle. But i don't know how much you're going to gain off of that...
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by srocco112 View Post
    what about the study that they have in the old school anabolics forum on the nolva study?
    What about it? Don't forget that SERMs aren't liver-friendly either. You'd get better results from a steroidal AI, like formestane, coupled with a test-booster... and no liver stress.

  7. ive seen some pct from serms pushing peoples test levels over 1000 from post cycle bloodwork, isnt that about par with what test boosters are doin now days or is that higher?


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