now im confused....

  1. now im confused....

    I've been wanting to use a PH for sometime now, but ive been holding off as i didnt know what i wanted to do and wanted to research...... I decided to try "the one & 2nd gear" stack. I went on NP to make a purchase, but come to find out like everythings now been banned. Now im back to the drawing board..... where can i even find stuff at?

    thanks guys.

  2. they aren't banned as of yet. Places are just getting rid of stock in fear of the impending ban. I suggest you use google. Plenty of places still carry what you are looking for. I found a couple places in about 10 seconds.

  3. PM'd you.

  4. I kinda think this whole ban thing may pass over...I mean they are pulling some BS and crazy enforcing of unconstitutional proportions, but people are finally starting to put up a resistance to such things.

  5. I thought 2nd Gear was their PCT product, not something you stack with on cycle.

    Finding The One is easy... dude you type it into google... it takes like 2 seconds
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