Anyone use I Force Methadrol??

  1. Anyone use I Force Methadrol??

    The reveiws look good but it would still be nice to see some feedback from ppl who have personally used this SD clone. please only chime in if youve used I Force's version. I know everyone has their personal favorite and I dont need to hear about CEL's. I just want to know user feedback on this particular one. thnks. and happy lifting.

    *I dont need details on how to use this ect ect. just how effective it was for you.

  2. guess no one used it.............

    I've used their dymethazine, that was gtg. so their sd clone should be also, I would think, since they both have sd molecules in them.....

  3. Haha guess not. it seems to me that not many ppl on these boards use I Force products outside of BOLD, Reversitol, and occasionally testabolan. besides that I Force is non-exsistant. I personally like their products.

  4. I have yet to try it or none of my friends have either. It tends we all use the same products (CEL) most of the time. I do use the Reversitol and do like it.

  5. I like the reversitol as well. CEL is the prominate brand for sure. the feedback looks good on I forces SD Clone I was just hoping to get some more feedback

  6. I have had the pleasure of using Methadrol for approx a 4 week cycle and absolutely loved it. Put on lean gains,strength was going up abs were showing, also has a mild diuretic effect as it definitely dries you out.I did feel a little join pain, could have been from lifting heavier or as mentioned it dries you out. One of the reps recommended a good joint formula and also a fish oil, flax blend, both seemed to work.

    Prob put on 8-10 lbs of good muscle.But must take a PCT for at least same amount of time. keyword SuppTalk Radio

    Muscle Research Code AM10

  7. thanks double. im on it right now, and all of the above mentioned are coming in.


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