Epi/Furazadrol cycle

  1. Epi/Furazadrol cycle


  2. i dont know much about the fura but a serm might have to come in play with this stack.

  3. How many bottles of Fura do you have? If you just have one, I'd say run the Epi alone, because there won't be any noticeable differences with 50-100mg of Fura.

  4. I have two bottles of epi, i havnt ordered the fura yet, was just seeing what people thought about this stack

  5. stack m-drol. oohhk.

  6. U will honestly need quite a bit of Fura do get much out of it. It seems to be kind of pointless to go any less than 200mg a day which is 4 pills in a 60 pill bottle.

  7. yea i said f the fura im just gonna do the epi

  8. you wont be dissapointed IMO...

    not too long ago i ran epi solo with the intention of basing the cycle on a cut...primarily i wanted to hold muscle while dropping bf and simultaneously harden up/increase vasc.yada yada...other than this- i didn't expect much from a compound with a "mild reputation"

    let me tell you, i was blown away...my strength gains were unparalled to previous cycles (maybe mdrol cycles compare in terms of strength) BUT i had absolutely zero sides, shutdown was minimal and pct was a breeze

    overall net gain in weight wasnt jawdropping, but coupled with the keto diet, i lost about 6lbs of fat and put on maybe 7/8 of lbm (of course, i did my share of cardio too)...the final result looked great nonetheless

    enjoy man, i hope u respond just as well


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