1. ouch

    wokeu p last night puking bigtime, like 20 times. EVERYTHING is out of my stomach. i drink 1 teaspoon of water and i puke. i guess my mom said that my dad and brother had that for 24 hours, stomach flue. they coudln't get ANYTHING down. the thing is since i eat/drink every hour i'm feeling like ass FAST and dehydrated. i call the physician assistant and she says "just lay down and don't eat/drink for a day". you know how hard that is now? omg......

  2. I told you not to swallow.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    I told you not to swallow.

    Look who's talking. lol

  4. Watch it Drago

  5. fastest way to get service in a doc office is to just pass out while giving them your info. guess i was more dehydrated then i thought. but the IV was great, too bad we can't put some prohormones in them IV's

  6. What do you think water based AAS is for


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