first cycle

  1. first cycle

    Do you think this would be an effective first cycle for bulking?

    wks 1-5 dbol 35mg ed
    wks 1-10 test enan 500mg (250 Mon, 250 Thur)
    Nolva, possibly hcg and igf-1 post cycle

    Would you make any changes?


  2. Looks good to me. I'll be doing the same thing in May. I have a friend that is doing it now. I will only do 4 weeks dbol though.

  3. Looks really good for a first cycle.

  4. It looks simple and effective. How are you planning to run the IGF1 R3? If you time the IGF-1 R3 right you might not even need to use HCG.

  5. Looks really good man

  6. Looks solid to me bro.

  7. Thanks for the replies.

    I am just considering my options. I would like to do my cycle in a few months, but I have alot to learn before i can get started.
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  8. How much do you weigh? I only ask b/c it is possible that you could use a lower or higher dosage of dbol.

    Regardless of the dbol dosage, that is a good, simple, effective cycle.

  9. my first cycle exactly. just make sure you get your diet and training down before incorporating anabolics into your regime. Probably wouldnt even need the hcg. have the nolvadex and clomid for pct, nolva and maybe arimidex since the enan and dbol will have you hold water quite a bit.


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