Strong Compound : In The Beginning or End of Cycle. Opinion please...

  1. Question Strong Compound : In The Beginning or End of Cycle. Opinion please...

    For 6-8 weeks bridge cycle, people usually prefer & recommend running the stronger compound (like superdrol / M1T) in the end of cycle and directly go into PCT after it due to the fast shutdown, harsh sides, etc.
    Say for example :
    the popular P-Plex/M-Drol bridge cycle.
    Week 1-4 : P-Plex
    Week 4-6 : M-Drol

    What do you guys think about running stronger compound (like superdrol / M1T) in the beginning of the cycle?
    i.e :
    Week 1-3 : Superdrol
    Week 3-6 : Phera

    Some said that strong compound in the beginning of the cycle will shutdown faster and get sides sooner (screw lipid, BP, lethargy, etc) therefore PCT would be more difficult and ability to keep/retain gains will be affected.

    Opinions please...


  2. I am an advocate of stronger compound first. The gains become more keepable throughout the bridge with the next compound. I really don't think there's a significant difference in shutdown; it's the same total volume of steroids consumed in the same time period. As far as side effects it's the same story, and if you are dosing properly you shouldn't be getting much sides... Just backpumps off of these maybe lethargy.

    When you end with Superdrol, you're coming off right after most of your gains. You want to have the big gains come first so your body has more time to adjust to being at a higher weight.

    It's kind of similar to the thought behind running an oral kickstart to an injectable cycle, you do it at the beginning, not the end.

    Bottom line, I think its hard to keep real SOLID amounts of LBM off oral cycles, you need as much duration as possible so your body has more time to adjust to the weight gained. So if the gains come earlier in the cycle, your body will have had more time to acclimate to a higher weight, and it'll be easier for it to stick there post cycle.
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  3. Nice thought, Unreal

    Any other opinions please....

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