Please need help!!!

  1. Please need help!!!

    Hello Bros! I want to make a conversion from test Enathate powder to a 500mg/ml strength, How do I do it???????????????

  2. You look in the conversion section on this board.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    You look in the conversion section on this board.
    Yeah I did but it only mentions the test 500 blended with Cyp, I'd like to do it with just Test Enathate but I want to make sure that recipe will work fine with Test Ena ONLY,I PMed the Litchen Chemist and had no success getting an asnwer that is why i thought i ask other bros.

  4. It will be fine.

  5. I imagine that you'd follow the instructions in the conversion forum by Kitchen but use 25g of powder instead of 12.5 and decrease the oil accordingly. I'm not sure if that much will dissolve though.

  6. 500mg/ml enth would hurt like a bitch and probably risk abcesses.....IMHO

  7. I personally know test 400 hurts like a bitch. But running the needle under hot water helped a lot.

  8. 100mg/ml Prop hurts me the next day, hella bad. I love the days that I can mix it with my cyp before pinning, ow!

  9. And for your ?, I beleive you can use the same reciepe for the 500mg test but instead of 10g enan and 10 cyp, use 20 enan and follow the rest the same.

  10. If it hurts I can handle that, but not an abcess, I guess I will forget about it. Thanks for your responses bros!!!!


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