Libol-200 from India

  1. Question Libol-200 from India

    I got some and i'm not sure is it real and does it work?

    Lyka Labs Ltd.
    Deca 10ml 200mg/1ml

    Anyone tested? Anyone heard?

    What do you think?

  2. lyka labs makes deca ? wierd, lemme check it out and get back to u .

  3. Eee?

    I'm not sure they make it but i've had Testopilin-100 (propionate 10%) from Lyka and it worked well, really nice. So whatcha think, man? I don't wonna shot myself with anonymous juice.. u know, ajt? ;]]

  4. well , seems like some people on anabolic review have used it and think its real . i doubt it being fake ...but ive not come across it yet .

  5. yeah , same company , then probly good to go bro .

  6. Ok, tnx man!
    I'll try it.

    If anyone will know something more about it, please post it!


  7. When did you get that stuff (plz post the manufacture and exp date). I'll try to find it out for you.

  8. HEH.. i think it's ok..

    77. NEHRU ROAD
    Bombay - 400 099, India

    Batch no. N2h-0009
    Mfg. 11/2003
    Exp 11/08

    Stuff at this time is famous in central europe.

  9. can anyone list what lyka makes

  10. I heard about test prop / deca / tren and winstrol.

  11. Actually something IS wrong here.

    Bombay is called Mumbai, for a long time now.

    it should be mumbai, not bombay

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ps24eva
    Actually something IS wrong here.

    Bombay is called Mumbai, for a long time now.

    it should be mumbai, not bombay
    That's true.

  13. they use both bombay and mumbai. when i visited bombay last year i asked someone abouty this and he said the name bombay has sorta stuck so loads still use it even officially

  14. I dunno...
  15. Thumbs down

    Lyka does not manufacture/market Tren (never has actually). I spoke with their Exports mktg as well as their Domestic mktg division. Libol 200 (Nandrolone) has been discontinued and is only manufactured on request.

    I doubt they manufacture products other than what’s listed.

    Product index:


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