Lower back pain on m1t

  1. Lower back pain on m1t

    I have been reading all thease threads on lower back pain while people are on m1t. One simple question I have not seen anyone ask is how much water these guys are drinking. I put at least a gallon a day and I know my kidneys are still straining. When your kidneys strain that can cause great lower back pain just a thought does this make sense

  2. I think the lower back pain is from the pumps in your back muscles. I didnt really have any lower back pain until the end of my 4 weeks, when I played basketball for like 3 hours straight. After that my lower back felt like **** for rest of the day. I think that it is more from the pump as opposed to the kidney strain.

  3. Its not kidney pain! Definitely pumps. Some days are worse than others Leg days suffer the most!!!!!

  4. How many god damn ****ing POS M1T threads about back pain and kidneys am I going to flame until people read alot before asking the same **** over and over and over and over. Its covered so many times on like 10 diff boards I read. Jesus people cmom...
    -end rant.

  5. I am simply stating the facts have read al about the pump causing pain, I personally think that is crap I have had some crazy pumps, All I want to know is wha is the water consumption for the average person on m1t. I will post a research on kidneys once I have collected that info, not trying to start a b.s. thread

  6. dont mind jason, i think he is still fired up from the "official tired of m1t threads" thread. he even copied db's ranting format.


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