Drug testing & Methyl products

  1. Question Drug testing & Methyl products

    I have done a search on drug test and the basic consencous is that most employment drug tests won't test for prohormones. My question is will methyl products such as m-1-t and M5aa show up and if they do what is thier half life.


  2. Most drug tests are for recreational drugs. So obviously that isn't PH's or AAS. That being said, nothing will show up.

  3. thanks

  4. Well, If it is an employment test why would it matter about M1T or M5AA... They are legal as of now..

  5. exactly, PHs are legal.

  6. so is alchohol, but if you take a UA and have traces of alchohol, your fired dude! but I agree, PH's are perfectly legal, therefore there should be no concern by potential employers.

  7. you're saying a job can fire you for having alcohol in your system? Uh, unless you signed some BS contract giving up your right to drink to get the job I don't think that would fly. But I just work in a restaurant- I don't know how corporate america works.

  8. Resteraunt rules are a lot different than others.

    But usually they won't drug or alchohol test you out of nowhere unless there is a accident.


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