Ultra Mass Stack + DTP?

  1. Ultra Mass Stack + DTP?


    I am about to cycle APS - Ultra Mass Stack (trenbolone/phera-plex combo) here within the next 2 weeks. Tryin to get all the supports and pct together. I was also intrested in adding Diesel Test Pro during the pct or after. I will be running Cycle Support during cycle. My pct last cycle was only 6- Oxo and Advanced PCT. I had no issues with sides except my libido seems pretty low now that ive been off everything for a couple months now. I should run some Nolva also. Where is a good place to pick up some Nolva for cheap. So here is what i was thinking for my cycle and pct

    Cycle : 50/50/50/50 + Cycle Support from CEL

    PCT: Diesel Test Pro + Advanced PCT + Nolva

    Maybe DTP after PCT?

    Could I get away from having to buy the Nolva

    Thoughts or suggestions appreciated

    Also, for the past 2 months I have been using Jack3d for my pre work out supp. Begining to build immunity to the stuff. It has been great stuff though. Can any1 recommend something else ?

  2. I always suggest using a SERM. Nolva why not?

  3. I'm finishing my bottle of the Ultra Mass Stack in a few days, and I've put on like 15lbs. Great combo!

  4. whats the best place to get Nolva? I see the canadian pharmacy online 1000mg for 32 buks which is more than affordable. I believe the cycle of nolva is 40/40/20/20 might have to research that again though. Ty for the comments guyz. So what do you think of this DTP. During PCT?

  5. You can't ask us where to buy Tamoxifen Citrate. Google research chemicals. I would also dose it 20/20/20/20. For libido, well persoanly I use cialis.

  6. After reading up on it some more it seems I may not really need the Advanced PCT. Diesel test and Nolva looks to be all i need. Now I have never used Diesel test b4. The sight says I may want to use DTHC (Diesel Test Hard Core) before I try DTP. The DTP looks so yummy for only 10 more bucks lol. What you guyz think DTHC or DTP?
    As far as my last cycle of Ultra Mass Stack I did get a little grouchy but nothing crazy.


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