What should I do with my cycle?

  1. What should I do with my cycle?

    I was on the second week of my epistane cycle and got hit by a dirty respiratory infection. I'm on my last couple days of my antibiotics, stopped taking epistane 2 days ago. Would it be fine to continue my dosing today, or should I wait and finish my antibiotics? Or wait a week and restart my cycle all over again? Thanks!

  2. thats solely a question for a doctor man. id call up your doc and ask. epi is legal and they cant do anything about it anyways with patient discreation. i dont think anyone on these boards should answer this without a med license.

  3. ^^agreed. but if i had to say.. discontinue, if it was low dose, dont worry about PCT, if not.. start NOW

  4. I would have to ask how low the dose was for one. It may or may not affect you greatly. Like Travis said you need to be sure when messing with hormones. Go get some blood work done and see where your levels our at.

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