The Official " Im sick of M1t Threads" Thread

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Don't be stupid man, that's what DHEA and pregnolone are for. Pfftt! newbies.

    BTW, after my last 1000mg dose of M1t, blood shot out of my tear ducts like 4 feet. Could this be a blood pressure problem?
    that or possibly an infection behind the eye. I think thats a side of M1T as well. Just give a couple mins and it should pass without any other problems. No need to bother your doctor with something so minor.
    Look, my smilely had it to last week and besides the blindness in one eye he's perfect.


  2. well i am on month 5 of a 6 month cycle of m1t, and the only side ive had is the sound of my heart beating keeps me from sleeping when i lay down. luckily, i found if i drink four martinis every night it relaxes me enough to sleep well. my question is, do you think all the added muscle mass is whats causing the loud heartbeat?

  3. I'm really hoping this is a joke.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tribaltek
    I'm really hoping this is a joke.
    ok since you seem new to the board or at least posting to it..I will let you know

    yes it is a joke (I think)...we just started playing on the fact that although M1T is a new compound...some things are just basic..and a lot of the questions about it are well pretty we were just pointing that out

    obnoxiously (sp?) of course


  5. I totally understand. I've been lurking for months on here and other boards. While I have done an M-1-T cycle, I too am completely sick of hearing about it. I just thought for some reason this guy might be serious. I don't know the names around here well enough to match them with their sense of humor yet.

    Sorry for the interuption. Carry on...

  6. If I stack m-1-t with creatine while eating pop-rocks will my dick fall off?
    and if it does, how long will it take to grow back?

  7. I was thinkin, what if you crushed up a m1t tab, and dissolved in some some sterile water and made a lil m1t suspension shot hmm.....

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tribaltek
    I'm really hoping this is a joke.
    im just kidding, but its not much worse than some of the m1t questions on here like my blood pressure is so high i might kick off at any minute, should i stop the m1t, or just take it and see if i die before i finish my cycle

  9. funny how it ended with "See if I die" Hey if you do, just let us know..


  10. What you dont know cant hurt you, right.. So dont tell me about the side effects please.
    Last edited by Yimen E.Cricket; 02-19-2004 at 03:22 PM.

  11. Side effects? We don't need no stinkin side effects!

  12. what if they came out with methyl-milk thistle... OH GIRL!

  13. can I use my mom's depo-provera for PCT?
    or should I just stick to the standard of
    jerkin off to the sports section for 3 sets of 10 ed?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    what if they came out with methyl-milk thistle... OH GIRL!
    It would just convert to lactose. So it may be good post workout.

  15. I'm thinking that since implant guns work so well for fina/syno that I'd homebrew a M1T implant I mean the plastic surgeon did such a good job from the last cycle that you can barely see where the implants were



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