What's best for rapid fat loss? Need info fast

  1. What's best for rapid fat loss? Need info fast

    Looking to lose some added fat what could help me loseto most amount
    of fat the fastest?


  2. Yes cardio and get a good handle on your diet..
    gear does aid in keeping you muscle but it does not really cut the fat

  3. I have a clean diet of 2200 cals

    I need to some suggestions of supps


    Cardio's good. Cardio and a proper diet are even better.
    But unless your actually dedicated to your goal then it wont happen, simply as that. (Damn Im starting to sound like Dr. Phil more and more everyday)

    If you really want to loose it super fast and take the lazy fat asses approach theres always stomach stapling.


  5. I'm not fat, I just gained a few extra pounds during my last bulking season. I'm 6'5 243 around 15-18%

  6. crack addiction?

    btw, i saw trimspa put out a diet bar called "addiction"

    sick world we live in these days.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tbird006
    I'm not fat, I just gained a few extra pounds during my last bulking season. I'm 6'5 243 around 15-18%

    6'5" 243lbs? Are you kidding? Im 6'1" 250 in bulk as we speak and im trying to get to 260 by March 1st. (not worried about cutting down any time soon, gotta be big as a house for spring break beach bash) You need to hold on to that precious weight bro. Your a tree. Work with that weight and it will transform nicely for you.

    How long have you been off cycle? The last thing you want to do is jump right into a cutter after bulking.


  8. Well the fastest way to lose fat would probably be DNP. I've used it awhile ago and it was quite amazing. But you better know what your doing and realize the risk before going this route. You could also go T3/clen stack. Although it sounds as your just trying to lose a few extra lbs in wich case I suggest what the others stated and just tigthen up the diet and add some cardio for a few weeks.

  9. ECA stack along with your regular weight routine. No cardio ever.

  10. clen, t3 and most importent, TEST!!! without test you will loose to much muscle!
    oh and lots of cardio

  11. anytime you are going to use t3 you need to have some type of gear running.

  12. Doesn't clen help spare lean muscle though, maybe even add some? I understand that you need to run gear with t3 but I was just wondering on a side note if the clen t-3 stack would really be all that bad?

  13. Its quite catabolic you need an anabolic to stave off the muscle loss, Of course if you dont want your muscle just run t3 on its own and become a twig( this is a joke)

    edit- clen is not an anabolic in humans it is at best a anti-catabolic and not to enough of a degree for use as a sole partner for t3 run test at a low dose or a prohormone or any one of anumber of hormones just run something strong enough to let you keep your muscle.


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