Slin Timing Question

  1. Slin Timing Question

    Using Lilly Humalog
    I have worked up from 6iu's post workout to 10iu's. I was going to run that for a bit and see what results I get, I can definately say there is a difference so, so far it seems to be working. Here's my worry- When I shoot the slin, I take my post workout shake (a mixture of whey protein, creatine, dextrose, and maltodextrin). Everything seems to go right on schedule just fine, no signs of hypo at all, an hour after I hit a small lowfat highprotein meal. At the two hour point invariably THEN I begin to feel that "low blood sugar" feeling. I end up chowing a bunch more carbs till the feeling passes.

    This happens regardless of whether I eat a shake/carb mrp for the 1 hour meal, a small lowfat snack, or a larger meal.

    I don't have diabetes and I have had a glucose test which showed everything normal.

    I'm mainly concerned that I am hindering things by hitting the extra carbs at the two hour point.

    My thought was to just continue this way, and listen to my body and eat the extra carbs, but pace myself so it's not overkill.

    Any thoughts on this?

  2. if u feel u need more carbs , eat more carbs . simple .

  3. Quote Originally Posted by raybravo
    if u feel u need more carbs , eat more carbs . simple .

    Thanks Ray, I researched this before starting and felt I was doing the right thing, but it's nice to have a vet back you up on things, especially dealing with slin.

  4. what is probably happening is the insulin is starting to take effect after your body's own insulin has done its job
    there are many things that affect the response of time of exogenous insulin: injection site, bodyfat percentage, etc. most people it takes 15-30 mins. in some cases up to 45 (this is only for Humalog, HumulinR will take longer) try taking the insulin about 20-25 mins before your shake so as to match up the effect of insulin and the rise in BG

    also as RayBravo said if you feel you need more carbs eat more carbs, insulin "shock" can put you in a coma

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