Critique upcoming cycle

  1. Critique upcoming cycle

    First off I have tried the M1T and it worked great.I only used 10 mg per day.Next I will bump to 15 or 20 and add 4ad.How do you bros take your 4ad. Transdermal or capsule and at what dose? I'm also going to run some other chems later on. Tell me what you think.
    2 75mg a-bombs per day
    2 cc Cyp on Mon.
    2 cc Sustanon eod
    I'll run this for about 8 weeks
    On week five I'll introduce 1 50 mg Winstrol tab ed
    I am also considering throwing some fina in the mix somewhere.
    Does this sound like im going in the right direction with this? I have the option of raising doses also. I know alot of you are not big fans of alot of test. Any input or changes would be greatly appreciated. One mor thing, which post cycle chems should I run? I thought I understood a little of the science behind all of this until I joined this board! I learn something new everyday. Thanks!

  2. Great to have you aboard bro, here's my thoughts. Things we need to know:
    1. What kind of cycle is this? bulk, cut, lean mass?
    2. What dosages are your product 2cc of cyp could be 250, 300 etc?
    3. Is this your first cycle with AAS?
    4. How long will you run your Abombs?
    5. What are your stats?

    No need to run cyp and Sust, to hell with sust and stick with the cyp. But if your only running the cyp for 8 weeks I would suggest you then run test prop. As cyp doesn't really start kicking in till weeks 4 and 5 and will stay in your system after your last shot for a few weeks preventing you from starting PCT. Answer those questions first though bro then we can better help you out. ALso th

  3. This is a lean mass cycle for competition.
    I have 200 mg cyp.
    This will be my third or fourth cycle, but my first one done with any thought behind it.
    I am thinking of running A-bombs about 4 weeks.I'm not sure if at start or finish.
    Right now I am about 150lbs. and 5'7".As far as measurements go I've never done any.It would be a good idea to do some.
    Good idea on the sust. I have not been pleased with the gains from it last cycle.
    Thanks for the reply.

  4. at 150 lbs , u better start thinking of eating better and training right before u think of steroids . since uve already done urself some damage and done a steroid cycle , run 500 mg enanthate and 30 mg dbol , train ur ass off , eat like an animal and grow . forget about everything else .

  5. Just wondering how old he is now....

  6. Dude Im one of the smaller guys on this site and Ive got 25 lbs on you at the same height i would seriously reccomend layin off the stuff till you put on a few more pounds. I see no preal problem with using chemical enhancement to speed your way to your genetic maximum but you need to have asolid diet and training base first if you ever want to keep any of your gains.

  7. If you are going to use Sus, use 1ml eod for the first 2 and half weeks. Then use the cyp at 1ml every four days. I like the prop suggestion since its only going to be 8 weeks. I would run the drol at 50mg twice a day for 4 weeks max.
    As far as post cycle therapy, you need clomid for sure and always have some nolvadex on hand just in case gyno symptom occur. HCG can be used in PCT if you prefer. You need to decide which type of juice you are going to use before you decide on what dose and when to start the PCT.

  8. Thanks for the info guys.I'll put all of this to use. Oh yeah, and to answer Matthew D I'm 27.

  9. I'll also post some pics as soon as I can get them up.

  10. There is a much better way to stack A-75 and sustanon. This would be a bulker only and reduce much of the extreme water weight gain.
    1cc sus. days-1,4,7,10,13,31,34,37,40,43
    100mg anadrol days-17-26, 47-51
    150mg anadrol days-52-56
    This takes into account half lives and such. finish up with clomid starting day 60. And I can't take credit for this.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bad rad
    There is a much better way to stack A-75 and sustanon. This would be a bulker only and reduce much of the extreme water weight gain.
    1cc sus. days-1,4,7,10,13,31,34,37,40,43
    100mg anadrol days-17-26, 47-51
    150mg anadrol days-52-56
    This takes into account half lives and such. finish up with clomid starting day 60. And I can't take credit for this.
    whats ur reasoning behind runing anadrol like this ? also , ure running it towards the end ? ending cycle with a oral which will leave estrogen levels pretty high as u come off isnt the best idea is it ?

  12. Sustanon has a 21 day active life so the second round of it is still active and slowly bringing you down while on the last days of anadrol. As for the estrogen that is were clomid comes in, 100mg for five days followed by 50mg for five to ten days. the anadrol can't convert to estrogen or progesterone but seems to activate those receptors on it own. So the only thing converting to estrogen is the test, and sust. is supposed to be less problemmatic.

  13. i'm not sure if i get u right , but u do know that anadrol itself acts as when u come off , estrogen levels are higher than what we would want ? correct ? either way , if u use an anti estrogen , there is pretty much nothing to be got out of anadrol anyway ....would be ok for him to use anadrol upfront to get something going for him while testosterone levels build up initially ...even then 150 mg anadrol ? his bodyweight is in that range dude , wtf ?
    u did mention l rea elsewhere , if ure getting his ideas from him , even he would tell u that ending with anadrol is a bad idea , and he maps out protocols so that u dont have to deal with unwanted estrogen as u approach coming off a steroid protocol . his estrogen/cortisol supression phases etc ...i suggest u read more on that .

  14. Yes I realize anadrol activates estrogen receptors, I stated this above. This protocol was mapped out Aurthor himself as a way to deal with two estrogen problematic steroids, I listed the program in its entirety. This set up takes into account half lives and the such so as one fades the other peaks. Anadrol has approx. a 16 hour active life, it will be out of your system in like two days. The 150 dose was only for 5 days so it isn't long at all, plus not too long age a study was published on elderly men using 100mg of anadrol for like six months and their liver values were fine even then. As for post protocol estrogen only the Sust. can convert so theoreticly it shouldn't be bad. I think your confusion stem from the fact that anadrol seems to aromatize because of estrogen like effects. But Anadrol can't structurally convert because it is a DHT analog.

  15. I did forget to post one thing, well one big thing. I forgot to post EOD 1000iu of HGC from 21-29 and 55-63. That will probably help it to make more sense, plus anadrol has less of an inhibatory effect on the "boys".

  16. Screw this.
    Look at 150lbs you just need to eat more.

    If you choose to do a cycle, all you need is some test. cyp or enanthate and some dbol. You will grow great off of that simple cycle. If you do not grow, then you have poor training and diet.

    All these ideas about complicated cycles are unnecessary.
    This is all you need:
    Week 1-4: 500mg test, 30mg dbol ed
    Week 5-10: 500mg test
    Proper post cycle

  17. I agree with size here all the way. 150lbs is not even a decent base frame to start getting into a complicated(to a newb) cycle. Put on some weight and size with a basic beginning cycle then come back with more detailed questions.

    good luck,

  18. I agree for first cycle. Keep it simple and eat like a bitch wolf.

  19. big rad, i'm someone who keeps in pretty close touch with author l rea (if u want , mail him and tell him raybravo said what he has written was wrong lol ) . i'm sure mr rea would never recommend that protocol to a 150 lb guy , so forget this .
    to the original starter , go with what size said .

  20. Thanks for the info ! I'll be in touch...


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