new 4ad cycle causing 1 test side effects

  1. new 4ad cycle causing 1 test side effects

    i started a 500 mg ED 4ad trans cycle on monday and i have felt like **** since tuesday.

    It feels just like 1test. I have slept the week away, missed two workouts and i dont eat **** cause im not hungry. I really feel like **** and it seems to feel alot like my m1t cycle but even worse. I am using straight 4ad this time to avoid these effects.

    4ad made me feel even better than normal in the past. i am not taking anymore to see if i can start to feel better and get my appetite back.

    i spent alot of money on this cycle and i dont understand why i am getting the opposite of my expectations. Anybody else have this problem?

    Is it possible my powder got mixed up? This stuff really feels like extreme 1test side effects to me.

  2. Damn, that sucks, sorry to hear it. Haven't heard of lethargy problems with 4-AD at all. Anyway, if it was 1-test, I'd think you'd feel a slight burning sensation upon application. It may be that my skin is just really sensitive, but trans 1-test lights me up. Or if you have any of the raw powder left, you could taste test it for that peppery 1-test flavor.

  3. I dont get the burning sensation.
    I cant taste my powders cause they are in the gel already, but i doubt it was a mixup.

    I will mix another batch in a new bottle and try it for another week.
    if this continues i will have to cut it short. I feel like total **** since being on this stuff. No appetite at all.

  4. Yimen I added Ephedrine HCL 25mg and that did help with the lethargy.I know alot of you guy's do not like Ephedrine but it works for me...Good luck.

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