Help for a noobie

  1. Help for a noobie

    Hey everyone i am new to the forums i just got interested in ProHormones because i have been working out since i was 18 and still have not been able to achieve my goal of 185 pounds or so.

    I became interested in Spawn when a guy i knew took it and had amaizing results but he was a idiot and did no PCT.

    I am new to everything about prohormones and everything in general
    I am 27 years old and have been working out for about 9 years or so give or take

    first on these forums i see numbers seperated with / like x/x/x/x/x what does that mean

    Also Since these are nothing to mess with and you need to do as much research as you can is there a type of prohormone that would be better for me since it is my first time doing a cycle.
    One last question is
    what other supplements do you need to take i know you have to take
    something before you start cycle

    but i am unsure of what .

    I realize a lot of people are going to be flaming me but i just figured i would ask because i do not want to hurt my body by not doing all this the correct way

    thank you all if you help

  2. Welcome to the site. When you see a post showing prohormone (PH) dosing, it is typically the daily dose per week. As an example, Epistane might be taken 20/30/30/40, which is 20 mg each day (ED) for week 1, 30 mg ED for weeks 2 and 3, and 40 mg ED for week 4. Most of the recommendations that I have read say that Epistane or H-drol are best for first cycles, and they should be run alone (don't stack with other PHs). Different people respond differently to each PH, so there is some amount of trial and error involved. You can also read about pulsing PHs, where you only take the PH on workout days. Just read all that you can here, and ask questions as needed. There are many opinions on post-cycle therapy (PCT), and I am one who thinks that not much is required for some of the milder compounds. Others will disagree, but again everyone responds differently. A few others will probably chime in with their opinions.

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    Why not try a good test booster and see if that will help you before going straight to a ph. There are several companies on this forum that do make some quality non ph supplements. Just something to think about.

  4. Ya I was thinking about that but finding a good site that has truthful reviews on products is hard to come around especially when it comes to this it seems

    also what is a good general pct
    why is SERM and OTC

  5. Like what is a good pct for spawn because for most supplements it can be different

  6. If you are 5'9 140 and been lifting weights for 9 years and you're trying to get bigger, then the answer is diet not steroids.
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  7. I am on a protein carb dietl and I'm not talking abou steroids I'm talking about pro hormones

  8. Quote Originally Posted by rowartcowart View Post
    I am on a protein carb dietl and I'm not talking abou steroids I'm talking about pro hormones
    99% of these "prohormones" are IN FACT orally active steroids. u need to research A LOT more and i suggest looking at and changing ur diet for the next year or so


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