Syno conversion bungled...

  1. Syno conversion bungled...

    I did a syno conversion that seemed to go quite well. Got a decent amount of product then dried it off in the oven for a couple hours, didn't seem like it was smearing by the time I was done.

    So I went ahead and threw it in with dazed's oil/solvent mix at around 100mg/ml, and the stuff just will NOT clear. I tried microwave, shook the **** out of it, left it in a pot of boiling water for a half hour, and I just took it out of the oven after baking it at 210 degrees for over an hour.

    STILL has chunks and particles of something floating around. Wonder what happened?

  2. Well,

    Did you get it worked out?

    Let us in on the results.

  3. This may be a little late, but if I recall previous readings on the topic most of the cloudiness and all the bits will filter out of the solution when you run it through the .45.

    Sometimes a little of the filler makes it past the original filtering and finds its way into the prop filtering, its just going to happen from time to time. If after the .45 filtering you still have some cloudiness then the prop was probably not completely dry, but should still be fine. Bake it at 250F for 45 minutes for safety sake, as directed, and you should be OK.

  4. Ya know, I ended up running it through a coffee filter before sterile filtering. It looked nice and clear, so I went ahead with the .45 filter. It turned out fine.

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