Running M14ADD and P-Mag. How would you do it?

  1. Running M14ADD and P-Mag. How would you do it?

    This might be my first post over here, I've been a long time reader and I run logs at other forums, but theres alot of good advice to be had here, so I thought i'd post this up here too.

    The guys over at Competitive Edge Labs have pretty much gone and hooked me up, and I'm going to be running a sponsored M14ADD and P-Mag cycle for them. My goal is all out mass. The idea of stacking them together and running them concurrently(right word?) was brought up, but I'm a little weary of running two methyls on top of one another. I was thinking about bridging them, like so:

    Week 1 2 3 4- M14ADD, unsure of what dose
    Week 3 4 5 6- P-mag, 50 50 75 75

    I'm going to be running cycle assist the whole cycle, and I'm contemplating adding in SAMe as well. I've run a P-Plex/old Trenadrol 7-weeker (bridge) before with little to no sides other than a bit of elevated BP.

    Any input and ideas would be appreciated.

  2. bump for ideas

  3. ok this is my theory
    pmag is pretty similar to hdrol right????
    so i would dose it 50 75 75 75 75 100
    m14add no idea f it is possible to run for 6 weeks so i say 4 weeks start at 2 weeks in with 90 120 120 120

    m14add has 15% conversion to dbol so like 100mg of it is like 15mg of dbol. it has been takin upto 200mg for 30mg of dbol effect.

    u dont want themt o interefere and since pmag has a long halflife i would say just dose it on 1st thing when u wake up during breakfast. when u get to 75/100 then throw them deeper into the day if u want.

  4. if u want all out mass my advice is m14add only at 200mg = 30mg of dbol.

  5. Thanks for the advice man. I never thought about running 6 weeks of P-mag with 4 weeks of M14ADD, I will run it by CEL and see what they say.

  6. kk man


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