a bulk next month but what stack to use?

  1. a bulk next month but what stack to use?

    so i was planning a up coming cycle next month tren/havoc but with this whole "ban"-wagon going around i went to NP like some of u might have and stocked up i got my tren and havoc but i also picked up some hdrol 1-t and more havoc (love that stuff) so suggestions on what to run this is for a 4 to 6week bulk im leaning for tren/havoc eager on that one,but got hdrol too what do u guys think for a bulk

  2. Tren/Havoc, I picked up 3 bottles of Spawn and have 2.5 bottles of M-drol laying around.

  3. yea tren havoc i heard that 1-t/havoc whould be a monster stack but tren/havoc is suppost to be great

  4. Haven't used any sort of topical yet.... Getting the feeling that I may have missed out

  5. i think you can run anyone of those or two of those that you want to. bulking will depend on your diet no necessarly your ph/ps. i like PP or mdrol for a bulk, but really any compound will bulk you up with the proper food to go with it, the difference is the possible water retention and or bloating that comes with certain compounds

  6. i am thinking tren havoc and ill just run 1-t/hdrol next cycle


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